Good News From Japan

27/03/12 by tonyrae  

Some good stuff has been happening lately here in Japan, a BIG THANK YOU for all of your prayers and support. :^)

Hey there, Some good stuff has been happening lately here in Japan, a BIG THANK YOU for all of your prayers and support. :^) A few days ago a friend from Australia shared this with me: "Hey tri. I was woken by a weird dream last night where I was asked to pray for Japan and I started praying, then I was asked to pray in tongues and I woke up singing in tongues for Japan. As in I had been singing in my sleep." And guess what? This person hadn't even been receiving my emails!! haha, God is so wonderful He is using people all around for the work of His Kingdom and sometimes in the least likely of places. :^) Availability and willingness is key. This message was a great encouragement to me here with a belief in God's heart for the Nation of Japan and the work of His Spirit. On Saturday night one of my friends here in Japan, Stephen a brother in Christ was being prayed for by a couple of us, and after a while his face got a sheen and he had a really peaceful and glowing look about him, he then fell back as he was caught by one of the prayers. He said afterwoods in an email that he had an experience the night before where God was teaching him that there is more to our walk/faith than the physical. Holy Spirit came upon our brother!! On Monday night another one of my friends fact the other friends brother was being prayed for. We asked Holy Spirit to come and he came. My friend also fell back and was caught and ministered to further on the ground. These two brothers have Japanese and Croatian(I think) parents (they have been such a blessing to me), it's great to see Holy Spirit falling on them, bringing about His desires and fruit in their lives. The amazing thing about Monday night was this: The gentleness of God was ever so felt, as was His kindness and humility in teaching us what His heart is with regards to His family and love. He started to minister to our hearts as we heard him speak through each of us. He was revealing to us how love is: laying down our lives for each other and that this is true Kingdom family. He then revealed to us how faith and courage was needed to walk in this kind of love. There are spiritual gifts of discernment, wisdom, faith, and mercy which are becoming more and more evident in our midst at Cornerstone Tokyo. I am so blessed by the family I have here in Japan, but also the family back in Australia. You have ministered to me God's love and wisdom in ways beyond your understanding!! Please continue to pray for the work of the Spirit to continue, and that the necessary teaching and love would also be present, for I sensed later on Monday Night that the enemy loves to steal, kill, robb, and destroy the works of the Spirit, if that were possible. Pray that we would not rely on our own understanding, but rather trust in Him with all of our hearts. Lord send your angels to protect the brothers who received the power of Holy Spirit to be your witnesses in this world. Send also angels to go ahead and prepare the way for an increase in the work of the Spirit upon the church, both here and in Australia. Bless you Lord, for you alone are worthy of ALL praise. Amen. Much generous blessings be upon, in and through each of your/our lives as He reveals His more than enough provision, love, and Grace, in these significant times in which we live. I put the invitation out once again for any prayer requests that any of you may have to be sent to me, for He gives abundant faith and wisdom to those who will simply ask, believe and receive. Your brother and son in the faith.