Trip to Seattle

29/06/12 by Tony Rae  

Hi there,

Just thought i'd give you an update on my recent trip to Seattle. :^)

Hi there, Just thought i'd give you an update on my recent trip to Seattle. :^) The things which happened I landed in Seattle last Tuesday, and as is the norm found that driving on the right hand side of the road was a shock (compared to Japan and Australia). Apart from that though, the scenery with many trees of a Christmas Tree appearance and the wide open spaces kept me wide eyed...enough to notice the beautiful mountains in the distance with snowy peaks...oh what a sight! Throughout the trip I got to meet a lot of people at the Cornerstone Seattle church of which Cornerstone Tokyo is an extension. There was a real sense of acceptance and love between the people of the church which overflowed into my time with each of them. Pho (a vietnamese dish which I truly enjoy) was also on the menu both in trips to the shops and at a Core Team meeting at a Vietnamese persons house. There is a real sense of the growing awareness of the need to rely on the person, work, and power of Holy Spirit. I just returned from Seattle yesterday afternoon and so far feel back on track regarding the time difference. The things which I learned Even a 9 hour plane trip across the ocean from Japan "love is still love" this I mean that love is still the most valuable thing in a community of people/believers. Humility plays a big part in the love which I felt at Cornerstone Seattle. Having a heart for the Spirit of Sonship, Outreach, and the prophetic, I was shown that it is the Spirit of Sonship which Outreach and the prophetic are to flow out of. As such I am able to lead and serve in these areas with a heart that inspires and encourages others in their identity as sons and daughters of God to overflow in those areas by the work of the Spirit. Although you can be given a leadership role, what each of us must ask is what God has put in each of our hearts. I believe Jesus calls each of us to serve and as such each of us to lead. Jesus said that whoever wants to be the greatest, must be the least. I believe God has put greatness in each of us, and as such the call to serve...the call to lead. With 1% of believers in Japan being counted as believers, if that 1% doesn't lead...who will? What a blessing Jesus desires to pour out by the Spirit upon and through the current and future believers in Japan. I am looking forward to taking more responsibility but even more than this, am looking forward to learning from the master, who has a gentle and humble heart, and who will complete his work of creating the same heart in me...and in EACH OF US. :^) The journey My friends and family in Jesus, this adventure and journey of discovering the greatness of our God has only just begun and there is much more to experience and grow in the life and great commission He has given us with His Spirit and love at the center. As we read and hear the word of God may our hearts be listening and watching out for what Holy Spirit is revealing to each of us, that we would be doers of the word...and oh what a great word it is! The word of life! your brother and son in the faith, Tri. For those who can't see the pictures in this email, please go to my blog at Thanks again for all of your support!



Tony Rae
Senior Leader, Grace Wamberal

My vision for Grace Community is to serve, equip and empower people to reach their Godly potential in an atmosphere of Grace within the context of Community. I believe we can accomplish this by following the direction of the Holy Spirit, teaching the truth of God’s Word and by taking the Gospel into the Community.