Tri Update Japan

04/07/12 by tonyrae  

Hi there family and friends in Jesus!
Just thought i'd let you know that cornerstone tokyo has a video up and give you an update on what's happening in Japan

Hi there family and friends in Jesus! Video Just thought i'd let you know that cornerstone tokyo has a video up. The youtube link is: Update I am currently in the process of doing two things: 1. applying for work as a kids school english instructor (to help supplement the current support coming in) 2. in the process of applying for a religious activities visa Prayer Would love your prayer for these things, as I am here to see the gospel shared with the nation of Japan. I am planted and serving with Cornerstone Tokyo which I believe is off to a great start! I am leading the Outreach here at Cornerstone Tokyo. Thanks Thank you to those who have emailed me recently with encouragement and updates of where your lives are at. :^) Thanks also for your continued financial and prayer support. Revelation this week There is something powerful about believing God's word and engaging with God at His word. God desires that we would taste and see that He is good. We are called and created to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Questions If you have any questions regarding ministry and life here in Japan simply out of interest or to further inform your prayers, please email me, and I'll do my best to answer your questions or point you in the right direction. Experiencing God's power Recently whilst I was in Seattle God gave me an experience which really encouraged me, and I hope will be an encouragement to you. I was laying down to rest one morning, when I found myself dozing off, and as I was dozing off, I heard myself pray this: "Lord please fill me up so that my brothers and sisters in the faith can also be filled". Suddenly I was in the spirit realm and felt power coming upon me, or me upon the power. It was like I was moving really fast into a stream of power. I heard the sound of the tongue of an angel, the sound of a girls voice, and at one point even opened my eyes to see if I was still in the room, which I was. Due to my previous experiences in the spirit realm, I felt calm and remained in that place believing that I needed to just hold on until I got to the source of the power Jesus. But, there was so much power that in a sense I bounced awake. But before I was awake, I heard myself saying "Jesus, Jesus, Allelluah, Allelluah". Why am I sharing this with you? Simply put, there was a real sense of God's presence over the next couple of days when meeting up with other believers and the reality of His presence and perfect will. God wants us to go deeper, and believe for Him to give and release more in us than we have up until now experienced or believed in. Together Let us believe in: God's goodness God's nearness God's power God's love God's perfect will May we become the strong, pure and spotless bride that Jesus is coming back for, by the work and power of Holy Spirit. Bless you may amazingly beautiful, chosen, pure, and holy family. Your brother and son in the faith, Tri.