Testimony from The Philippines

23/02/13 by tonyrae  

A testimony!

This is the Testimony of our church, Send the Light Bible Church / mine also.

A testimony! This is the Testimony of our church, Send the Light Bible Church / mine also. “..Whether it be right in the sight of God to hearken unto you more than unto God, judge ye. For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.” – Acts 4:19-20 Grace, Peace, Mercy and Love be yours in abundance through Jesus Christ our Lord! Our deep hunger and thirst for Jesus has finally been fulfilled. Many times we experience the flourishing and flowing presence of the Almighty reaching here on earth, but sadly, there were no genuine change at all to every believer of our church. But that moment when the mighty hand of God Himself placed Pastor Mark and these Australian missionaries to visit us, everything has changed. We expect a glimpse and foretaste of heaven, we expect visitation of the Spirit, but what we receive is more – THE INDWELLING PRESENCE and THE RESIDING GLORY OF THE HOLY GHOST in which every fellow has received. The word of Pastor Mark as he shared the Good News strikes us as like people awakening from a very deep slumber and opening our eyes in which he said, “We are called to pray for you, but Philippines is called to evangelize and to share JESUS.” The Lord to me spoke that very hour and said “I anoint them so that I can appoint you.” As he uttered his next lines, we were asked to repeat these words boldly, “GREATER is HE that is within you than he that is in the world!” The Send the Light Bible Church was not the same anymore. Everyone was so desperate and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit - broken heart people received wholeness, cold Christians experience the Fire in their soul, people started praying in tongues, birth and resurrection of visions were encountered, confirmation of callings were established even cries of adoration for our First Love were heard all over the place, also a man receiving the call that is to imitate the very same thing he saw to the seventy respective families of every single church members, three youths received the healing anointing, a high school student been slain and down for about twenty minutes praying in the spirit and so many awestruck wonders God has done to every individual that time. We are release from shackles. Restoration has come. Renewal was made. Reconciliation was formed. Revival arises! Evangelism through the love of God edifies us to that time. No one could stop sharing what we have seen and heard. We believe therefore we speak! Jesus reminded us as Pastor Mark quoted a very familiar verse in Philippians 4:9 “The thing which you LEARNED and RECEIVED and HEARD and SAW in me, these DO, and the GOD of PEACE will be with you.” We already knew that at the very day these missionaries leave our country, it is just the very beginning of ministering Jesus to others as that of the end time approaches. As this testimony may have been read, we have been journeying to different churches and body of Christ, schools and universities, homes and conducting outreach programs - PROCLAIMING, SHARING and “DOING” the same thing in which we have received. To these last days the Lord pour out His precious Spirit to all flesh! Truly, the Mega-E without doubt are people sent by God in which I addressed “Men who have been with JESUS”. We shall all be like a tree planted on the rivers of waters, that in WHATEVER we shall do, WE WILL PROSPER! We imitate you, because you imitate CHRIST! Together, we will never stop until we see JESUS face to face. God bless and Praise God! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! in Christ forevermore, Keiya De Castro Send the Light Bible Church Muntinlupa City, Philippines