A report from the Philippines

27/02/13 by tonyrae  

Mega E- Team Summary Report Testimonies

Mega E- Team Summary Report Testimonies Mega E-Team: 1. Ptr. Mark Saines Sis. Corinne Saines 2. Bro. Mark Taylor Bro. Richard Clark 3. Bro. Michael Ryan Bro. Matt Coonan 4. Bro. Ole Endresen Day 1 (Friday) – January 25 Mega E-Team arrived at Molino 4, Bacoor, Cavite at 2:50pm. The group checked in at Oasys Hotel Ptr. Mark Saines and his group ministered to some LOJ (Lion of Judah Pastors) at 6:00pm - 8:00pm at Love in Action Church Global Church. Thanks God for the life of our brothers from Sydney, Australia to impart us the power of the Holy Spirit. My heart also salute to the humility of my co-pastors and servant of God, Ptr. Jun Rendal and his wife, Ptr. Jojo Frivaldo, Ptr. Jing Ferrer, Ptr. Eugene Manalo and Ptr. Roger Suaverdez as they humbly allowed the Mega-E team to minister to them. When the team started to pray for every pastor, everyone amazingly experienced the awesome and immersing power of the Holy Spirit, due to the power of the Holy Spirit that cannot be contained, everyone fell. At 8:00pm – Bro Mark Taylor and Matt Coonan graciously granted our invitation to visit our church, Christ Cares International Community Church, to minister to our prayer intercessors. Praise be to God that we saw the same immersion of the power of the Holy Spirit on that night to our prayer warriors. Everyone was really encouraged what they had experienced on that night. Day 2 (Saturday) – January 26 Saturday morning, at 9:00am, Ptr., Mark Saines taught the 5 points of the gospel and 5 steps of prayer to the body of Christ at Dunamis Church. When Ptr. Mark Saines started to minister, we were all amazed how the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus touched the lives of the people in that day. What’s also surprising when the whole team joined Ptr. Mark S to minister to the group of people who attended the seminar. How Pastor Mark Saines imparted the power of the Holy Spirit, we had seen the same power of impartation from his team. Truly, God is no respecter of a person . He can powerfully use any person as long as he humbly and completely obey and trust God. What we observed on this day, it resulted to rekindle the passion in our heart to evangelize our neighbor again. We’ve really learned the simple, straightforward and powerful way of presenting the gospel in leading a person back to Christ from this team. Before, we only led a person to a prayer of acceptance of Christ as their personal Savior in their life and forgiveness of their sin. Now, I believe, we’ve learned the best way of leading a person to Christ for God’s glory. When we saw how this Mega E-team shared the gospel, our hearts have been convicted because we’ve been quenched and grieved the Holy Spirit for a long time as we have depended more on our own ways and means to proclaim the good news. Thanks God that He is a forgiving God. Our level of encouragement has increased as well as our faith every time we see this group ministering to people in the power of the Holy Spirit... Praise the Lord! After this ministry, Ptr Jojo Frivaldo requested the team to go their outreach ministry to Antipolo. Thanks be to God that the Mega E-team really on fire to proclaim the gospel where God wanted them to bring. On that night, many people were saved, healed and immersed by the power of the Holy Spirit. What a wonderful day again as many have witnessed the power of God! Day 3 (Sunday) –January 27 Again the Mega-E Team ministered at Christ Cares International Community Church in the morning at 10:00am. Ptr. Mark Saines taught again the 5 points of the gospel and 5 steps of prayer. When Pastor Mark S told the congregation that he would like to bless each and every one of them through prayer, we witnessed again the awesome power of the Holy Spirit moving in every heart. Again, everyone was immersed in the power of the Holy Spirit. At 4:00pm, the group went to Love in Action Global Church to teach the 5 points of the gospel and 5 steps of prayer. The same manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit that we witnessed on that Sunday afternoon. All the congregations were so blessed and so thankful for the life of the Mega E-team that graciously shared the goodness of God to them for God’s glory. Testimony from: Ptr. Roger Suaverdez Sr. Pastor Christ Cares International Community Church.