For the children in Cambodia

05/10/15 by tonyrae  

The children in J-Team (our kids church) were asked to raise some money so that some children in Cambodia could go to a Water Park for a treat. Our children were asked to do some jobs at home and get paid then donate the money to the Cambodian children. All our children did amazingly well!! One little girl, Evie (6), chose to do things a little differently.

Evie chose to give up her swimming lesson money so that the Cambodian children could go to their Water Park for the day. When it came for Evie to actually miss her swimming lesson she was a bit sad (that is how much she enjoys her swimming lesson).  However, when it came time to hand the money in, Evie was happy and even happier when she saw the photos of the Cambodian children enjoying their day out!  Well done Evie, we are so proud of you!

Thank you so much to all the children who particiated, they were fantastic, they have such giving hearts!!