CONFERENCE: No registration necessary. Space is limited so arrive early. Sessions: Long Jetty Salvation Army Friday September 15th: 7.30pm Session 1. Saturday September 16th - 9.30am Session 2 11am Session 3 2pm Session 4 Sunday 10am at Wamberal Public School Suggested Donation: $20. Offerings will be taken. For more information call 02 43338423 Who is John Alley and Peace Australia? We are an apostolic community, under the leadership of Apostle John Alley. Together we are called to take an apostolic message to the nations. John Alley gives apostolic fathering to ministries and churches in Australia as well as the a number of Asian and African nations. With a strong call to pioneer apostolic ministry, John loves to encourage other apostles, as well as pastors and churches. There are many young and old, who look to John as a spiritual father. John has ministered in many nations, and regularly visits South East Asia. Peace Australia Peace Australia has two kinds of long historical roots that have produced a unique expression of the church and ministry. From Central Queensland, roots go back to the 1880s and 90s, with Baptist churches that had been pioneered in North Rockhampton, Lakes Creek, Park Avenue, and Mount Morgan. And the Senior Minister and a number of other senior leaders came from The Salvation Army, with many generations of anointed spiritual leadership, evangelism and social care in their families. Peace Australia has evangelical foundations, combined with Pentecostal experience, prophetic giftedness, and an apostolic mission and mandate. It is a work of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Rockhampton – Peace Apostolic Community The congregation of Peace has a rich fellowship in Christ. Having been through many experiences together, and spent much time in prayer over many years, there is a deep commitment to the mission of the Lord Jesus. Along the way, wonderful keys for understanding community were discovered, and the life of Peace carries a grace which they share with others around the world. Peace has wonderful families, with many children and teenagers. Visitors often remark on how happy the children are. New believers are coming into the faith, and the people of Peace see the work of Christ as a multi-generational work, in which our children arise after us to continue doing what Christ has given us to do. Throughout Australia – and Overseas Various pastors and churches throughout Australia and other nations have linked with John Alley and the Peace Australia team in personal relationships for the purpose of accountability, apostolic covering, pastoral care, and leadership support. These relationships are held in nations throughout South-east Asia, Africa, England, Europe, and North America. One with John in his apostolic call to the nations is the people of Peace Apostolic Community, based in Rockhampton, Central Queensland, Australia. This group is a spiritual family to John and Hazel, a place they can truly call 'home'. John has many other partners and spiritual sons and daughters around Australia and in other nations who are also committed to seeing the transforming message of the apostolic message taken to Australia and the nations of the earth. FIND US ON Peace Australia RSS Feeds Peace Australia iTunes Peace Australia Facebook Peace Australia Twitter Peace Australia Youtube