This is not a weekly youth group. This ministry features regular one on one relationships and group activities that help grow young people into mature adults. It will feature celebrations of significant milestones in the journey of young people toward adulthood. This a developing ministry and is not yet fully functional. Contact Matt for more details: 0450215013 The Varken Apprentice Challenge In every culture, in every time in history, communities have always come together in the God ordained responsibility of leading boys into manhood. So significant is this process that if left neglected or done incorrectly it can spell the destruction of entire civilisations. >Facts: 90% of all murders in the US are committed by males and there are 9 times the number of men in prison at any one time. > Men are the problem, but why? > Men are naturally (generally and statistically) more aggressive and competitive. Testosterone plays a big part, this is how God designed them. > Jesus knew that he must reach the men if he was going to transform society and culture. He gathered around himself 12 apprentices on a permanent basis. Women also followed Jesus, while the guys were worried about who was the greatest the girls were providing for Jesus needs out of their own pocket. All the Men ran away when Jesus was killed, but not the women. > The most needed act of courage is to abandon ones heart to the will of God. Again Ladies are proven to be much more adept at navigating the heart and consistently care for others more naturally then Men. > So why did God give Adam a helper who was obviously way more up to the task then Adam? > Its not what Men can do that makes them important, its who they look like. The Father in heaven has given us an image of himself, he called him Adam. Statistics show that if a Father in an unbelieving family turns to the Lord there is a 90% chance that his family will too. If a mother in an unbelieving family turns to the Lord, there is a 10% chance of the family following suit. > It appears that to the same degree that a man can influence his family for good is the same degree to which he can fall into sin. Who is the greatest? From scripture it is clear that the competitive drive of men is there for a reason. Jesus didnt discourage it, he gave it a selfless direction, the greatest is measured by how willing you are to lay down your own life for others. Men need to be CHALLENGED. The more dangerouse the more appealing. If men are mentored properly, they have the potential to rise to any challenge, master any field and excel in every way. God gave Adam one command, increase in number and subdue creation. Men are good at maintaining a single focus. If the kingdom of God is their focus, men can lead and transform their entire community and the world. A big percentage of Young Men do not excel in an environment without challenge and competition. Women are naturally more efficient and consistant when it comes to serving, but given the right challenge, look out, Men are a force to be reckoned with. This is why the whole community is needed to raise them up, our society depends on it. Davids mighty men: Men are built for war. Nothing excites boys and young men like battle! David fell into sin because he didn't go to war! When there is no war, men fall asleep. Without an enemy Men inevitably turn against each other and society starts to corrode. When Men wake up to the battle that is waging now, they will come alive. David rose up 30 mighty warriors, but how? DAVID VS GOLIATH Dangerouse Acts of incredible bravery inspire men, because it's the very thing they were created for. When David defeated Goliath, he won the hearts of every single man in the battle, including the phillistines. David led victory after victory in battle with incredible courage, this is what caused the men to rise up, they had a fearless leader who challenged the very core of their being. David was able to face Goliath because he had already faced the greatest challenge anyone had ever known, abandoning his heart to the will and love of God. This is what Moses demonstrates when he charged up the mountain into the fire and thunder. The mountain represents the fear of judgment, all of Israel ran away, Moses ran straight in, because he knew that that same fire was really Gods love. The Varken Apprentice Challenge is a revelation from God, a challenge given to inspire the hearts of everyone to go for God! This is designed to bring the whole community together and to turn the hearts of the fathers to the sons and sons to the fathers. Anyone can do this challenge, the more the better. When Men realise that they are important, that they have a significant role that women cannot fill no matter how well they can perform all the tasks of loving and serving, that no one can represent the father better then a father, they are needed and if they are led with courage and valour, we will have an army ready to transform the entire planet.